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Water heater giving you trouble? Ready to finally fix that pesky leaking faucet? Time to find out why your water bill spiked? Call us today at 704-846-5371 to speak with Gastonia plumbers with over 20 years experience.

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Our techs are the best. Our owner is a master plumber with over 30 years' of experience, and he only hires the very top plumbing technicians in town. Don't believe us? Read our hundreds of positive reviews for our specific techs here. Our guys are good. They know plumbing, and they deliver excellent service.

We'll do the job right. We're dedicated to customer satisfaction. If for any reason you aren't happy, our owner gets involved and makes sure we do right by you. Read up about our owner and our commitment to our customers here.

We'll do the job right away, when it works for you. We're open 24/7, 365 days a year, and we never ever charge extra. That means you can get a plumbing tech to your home when you need one, on your schedule. We're fully staffed round the clock and respond quickly to calls.

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Gastonia plumbers

We Know Gastonia

Gastonia is growing rapidly, and we recognize the plumbing challenges that accompany rapid growth. Some facts you might not know about Gastonia:

  • Gastonia proper is 3 square miles
  • Gastonia has a population of approximately 71,000, and is still growing
  • Gastonia is the third largest city in the Charlotte metro area
  • Gastonia is the former home of Parkdale Mills, the number one supplier of spun yarn

Many Gastonians are do-it-yourselfers who can tackle a lot of your plumbing issues on your own. However, we urge you to give us a call when you hit a project that won’t bend to your will – like a broken pipe or clogged drain that requires serious snaking and hydro-jetting with professional equipment. We understand you don’t want to waste your time and money, so we’ll give you an honest quote, excellent financing options, and our workmanship and materials guarantee.

Plumbing Services

We provide the following plumbing services to Gastonia homeowners and business owners:

Gastonia Plumbers at Work

Wondering what sorts of plumbing projects we've tackled in Gastonia? Check out this real-time map to see what our plumbing technicians are up to today. Be sure to expand the map so you can see what's happening all over the Charlotte metro.

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