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Have you been searching the web for a local plumber near you, googling "plumber Gastonia NC" because you live in Gastonia and need a reputable plumbing company for a sewer line issue? Do you have standing dirty water in shower stalls or lower level sinks and toilets? Sewage backing up into your home? Search no longer: we're here to help you out.

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Common Sewer Line Problems

Suspect you need a sewer line repair? Sewer problems often present once the line has been broken or compromised and tree roots have grown up inside the pipes, causing sewage to back up into your home. In other cases, the sewer line may break when heavy equipment rolls over it (for example, if you are having construction or major landscaping done). Sometimes sewer line problems occur when improper items are flushed down the line, causing a blockage over time.

Another common sewer line problem is called "slumping." This is when temperature changes or erosion cause the sewer line to slump. Sewage relies on gravity and the proper pitch of the pipes for proper flow, and slumping can prevent sewage from flowing out of your home and being properly moved.

Sewer Line Service You Can Count On

When dealing with a sewer line problem, you need plumbers that know what they're doing and can get to you quickly. You also need to know they will leave your property looking great and will perform the work with efficiency and respect.

E.R. Services is known for excellent sewer repair services because:

  • We own the heavy equipment needed to perform a sewer line replacement or repair job. This is not a small project, and it requires major equipment. Most other local plumbers have to rent the heavy equipment, but we own it, so we can handle the job quickly and professionally, without making you wait.
  • Our plumbing technicians have been trained to treat your property with respect. If we have to cut through slab or dig up your yard to replace the sewer line, we will make sure everything is beautiful when we leave. If we have to spend time in your home to deal with the problem, we will do so respectfully, making sure your home is not dirtied up in the process.

We know how to complete a sewer line replacement or repair expediently and professionally. Check out reviews to see what other sewer line repair customers have said, and you'll see that our ratings back up our claims.

Gastonia Sewer Line Service

Searching the web for "plumber Gastonia NC" because you've got an urgent sewer line problem? Search no more: we've got you covered.

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