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Harrisburg Plumbing Basics: Clean Water

Receiving clean and safe water is a top priority for every Harrisburg NC homeowner and business owner. Water quality concerns have dominated the news as of late, and homeowners and business owners alike are re-examining water quality efforts.

Is your water line in good condition? Pipes up to code? Have you had your water tested? Have concerns about water quality – due to pipe issues (corrosion can be a problem in older homes especially) or municipal standards?

Making sure you invest in water pipe replacement and water filter services when you need it is vital for guaranteeing bacteria-free, safe water in your property. At E.R. Services, our technicians specialize in water line repair service and whole house water filter installation.

We assess homeowner’s unique needs and then recommend quality plumbing pipe repair or replacement services as well as whole house water treatment systems that are designed to meet their unique needs.

Signs You Need Water Line Repair

harrisburg water line service, harrisburg water filtration systemWater pipes repair and installation services are often some of the most stressful plumbing services a property owner can experience. However, working with E.R. Services, the job is efficient, easy and affordable. Our technicians are able to quickly assess the problem and offer quality solutions designed to fit your unique needs and budget. Some common signs that you may need water line replacement or repair include:

  • Discolored water is a sign of a major water line problem that often requires plumbing pipe replacement or immediate repair.
  • A change in water pressure is also a clear sign that there is a problem with the water line.
  • Higher than normal water bills indicates leaks or other inefficiencies that often result in new water line installation or replacement.
  • A clear sign that you need a new plumbing pipe installation or repair service is noticing water pooling in unexpected places in your yard.

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Types of Home Water Filtration Systems

Is your water perfectly pure and safe? If you have trouble answering that question, you may benefit from a whole-house water filtration system. Some of the most popular types of whole house water filter systems include:

Carbon Filters: Using layers of active carbon, bacteria and impurities are trapped, resulting in crisp delicious water that is also safe for washing and chores.

Reverse Osmosis: Great for manufacturing processes and making sure your home water is perfectly clean, reverse osmosis works by siphoning water from a high ion concentration to a low ion concentration.

Water Softeners: If your water is high in natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium, you should use a water softener to neutralize the water and prevent scale build-up in your home.

In Need of Harrisburg Water Line Repair Service?

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