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A healthy sewer line efficiently moves wastewater away from your home in a safe and effective manner. When something is blocking the sewer line or the line is disrupted in any way, you could experience several issues throughout your home. At E.R. Services in Huntersville, NC, we specialize in quality sewer line repair and replacement services.

Our technicians have 20 years of experience in the area, providing homeowners and commercial property owners with excellent sewer line replacement and repair options. We assess each sewer line individually to make the most comprehensive and results-driven solutions possible.

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What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

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Although sewer lines are designed to be sturdy and long lasting, there are several issues that commonly cause sewer line problems, requiring professional sewer line service. Some of the issues include:

Tree Roots: We recommend never planting a tree near your sewer line because root systems will always reach toward water, even if it means bursting through your sewer line.

Human Error: Digging or trenching in your yard could result in striking the sewer line if you aren’t totally sure where the line is located. Before doing any type of digging on your property, make sure you know where the sewer line runs.

Temperature Spikes: A sudden spike in the temperature results in ground shifting and can cause the sewer line to disconnect.

Old and Outdated Pipelines: Old pipes that are corroding and wearing out should be replaced right away. Using a chemical drain cleaner actually speeds up the aging of a pipe, so stay away from it.

How to Clean a Sewer Line?

If your sewer line is infested with tree roots or clogged with non-water soluble items, the only efficient way to clean sewer lines is with hydro jetting. This service uses high-pressure water jets to blast through clogs and remove them safely and efficiently. This sewer line service works at removing debris from the sewer line while also smoothing the inner pipe wall, helping to prevent future clogs from sticking.

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