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Are you worried about the water in your home? Make sure it's clean and safe to use with expert water filtration system services as well as water line repairs and installations by E.R. Services. Call 704-846-5371 to speak with an expert today.

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Our town has seen a lot of change in the past 20 years. Expansion, Northlake Mall (on our border with Charlotte), the construction of 485, new neighborhoods, the new Walmart over by North Meck... Huntersville sure has grown. With all that growth has come to a lot of new plumbing needs and concerns, but we've kept up with the changes. We know Huntersville, and we are here for you when you need us.

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that all the water entering your home is safe to use and consume. This is why keeping your water lines in good condition is so vital. At E.R. Services, we help Huntersville, NC homeowners with their water line repair service and installation needs.

We also specialize in professional water filtration system installation and repair. A whole house water filter is a great way to be 100% positive that your water is completely safe for your family to drink.

How Do Home Water Filtration Systems Work?

Whole house water treatment systems are the best way for homeowners to get peace of mind that their water is completely clean, pure and free of bacteria. There is a wide variety of water filters ideal for different circumstances.

For instance, a carbon filter uses layers of active carbon to filter the water and trap impurities. Reverse osmosis works by purifying the water as it moves it from a high ion concentration to a low ion concentration. Water softeners are another type of whole house water filtration system that removes harmful minerals from the water with a separate tank filled with specialized salts.

At E.R. Services, we can help you choose the right whole house water filter installation for your home.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Water Line

When it’s time to replace your water line, chances are you will notice the signs right away. Some of the most significant signs that point to imminent water line replacement include:

  • Noticing water discoloration is a sign that you may need water line repair or replacement.
  • Reduced water pressure coming from your faucet could also point to a future new water line installation.
  • Rising water bills points to inefficient or leaking pipes that will require plumbing pipe repair or replacement.
  • Are you noticing water pooling in unexpected areas of your yard? There could be leaks underground that only water pipe replacement services can fix.

Noticing any of these signs should be a good indication that you need professional water pipes repair or plumbing pipe replacement. Call the experts at E.R. Services for fast, cost-effective water pipe installation and repair services.

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