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Are you an Indian Land SC homeowner or business owner? Dealing with a broken or blocked sewer line? If you need Indian Land sewer line service, you've found the right plumbing company for the job.

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We know Indian Land SC. How do we know Indian Land so well? Because our headquarters are right down the street in Mint Hill, and we've been fixing sewer lines in Indian Land since 1997. We know the town, we know the unique plumbing challenges you face, and we have experience repairing and replacing sewer lines in Indian Land.

We've got the heavy equipment needed to do the job right. A lot of plumbing companies need to rent equipment and trucks because they are just getting started or are too small to handle a job of this size. We've got trucks, parts, bobcats, and all the heavy equipment needed to repair and replace sewer lines. With us, there's no need to wait or pay extra for equipment rental. We're ready to tackle the job right away, when you need us.

Our sewer line service customers will tell you we know how to fix broken sewer lines. We invite you to read our hundreds of positive plumbing reviews written by satisfied customers. Read about how we fixed sewer lines in the middle of the night on a Saturday or on a holiday - and for no extra charge. Read about how courteous our technicians are and how we went out of the way to fix another plumbing company's mistake. You'll quickly find out why we're regarding as a top plumbing company in the Charlotte area.

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Sewer Line Basics

How do you know if you've got sewer line problems? Sewer line blockage is often mistaken for a clogged toilet or simple drain clog. However, when you find dirty water backing up into your lower level toilet, shower stall drain, or sink drains, you've got a bigger problem than a clogged drain. You've got a problem much further down the line, and fixing it will require the services of a sewer line repair and replacement service.

Want to learn more about what causes sewer line problems and how to prevent them? In addition to fixing existing sewer line problems, we also provide prevention tips for homeowners and business owners.

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