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Standing water in your sink? Awful smells or dirty water coming up from your tub or shower stall? These are sure signs of a clogged drain.

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We Know Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains have an impact throughout your entire plumbing system. Most clogged drains are caused by debris such as grease, oil, food particles and hair getting trapped in the drain, sticking together and adhering to the drain wall.

Since we've been unclogging drains since 1997, we know the ins and outs of drain clearing best practices.

How is Professional Drain Cleaning Better than the DIY Version?

When you notice the tell-tale signs of a clogged drain such as slow-moving water, toilet difficulties, or foul odors coming from the drain, the first thing you probably do is reach for a bottle of liquid drain cleaner. These store-bought products are effective at eating away the clog, however, the damage they cause to your pipes is simply not worth it. Chemical drain cleaners contain harsh products that can corrode your pipes, creating weak spots that will eventually rupture.

Professional drain cleaning service is different because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals. This makes professional service safer and ultimately more effective than store-bought versions.

How to Prevent Future Clogged Drains?

Indian Trail plumbing, Indian Trail clogged drain, need a plumber Indian TrailWhen it comes to clogged drains, the best way to save money on drain repair is to prevent clogs before they even get a chance to form. Try these tips and tricks to avoid future clogs in your home:

  • Install a drain screen to capture hair and food before it can enter the drain.
  • Never pour grease or oil down the drain because as it cools it will condense and create a clog.
  • Invest in regular drain cleaning services from a professional drain cleaning company like E.R. Services.
  • Between cleanings, try to pour hot water down the drains at least once per week. This will quickly loosen any debris before it gets a chance to harden in the pipe.

By trying these steps in your home, you can ensure your drains are running smoothly and you don’t experience unexpected clogs or blockages.

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