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Water discolored? Water pressure lower than normal? Water bill spiked? All these things are signs you may have a water line problem, necessitating water line service from Lancaster plumbers with experience. Not having problems with your water line, but concerned about water quality nonetheless? You aren't alone. Learn how a water filtration system will ensure your family enjoys clean, pure water.

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Water lines bring water into your home and aid in the distribution of water to the appliances and fixtures in your home. When a water line becomes compromised, frozen, or broken, leaks and water damage result. We use high tech leak detection equipment to detect leaks quickly and easily even in hidden locations like inside walls, underground, and even under slab (slab leaks). We'll promptly repair the compromised water line and get you back in business again.

Why Is Water Quality Such an Issue?

Water quality is a growing concern. Across the nation, communities are experiencing water contamination problems. We've all heard about the lead found in the public drinking water source in Flint, Michigan, and now the community of Wilmington, NC is now dealing with water contamination. Lead is being found in schools and home across the country, which has made average homeowners reconsider their trust in local water quality.

We are big proponents of whole house water filtration systems. Why should you filter your water? Your body is mostly made of water. The water we drink affects our health on multiple levels. Click here to read deeper about the way water filtration systems work and how a whole home water filter system can positively affect your family's health.

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