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Lower level toilet backed up and you can't identify the cause? Dirty water in lower level drains? The problem isn't a simple drain clog: you've got sewer line problems, and they probably go deep down the line. Give us a call at 704-846-5371 for Locust sewer line repair and replacement service and we'll get things working again right away.

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When a Backed Up Shower Stall Drain Means Something Much More Serious

You may think it's a simple drain clog, but if you've got dirty water backing up into a lower level shower stall, sink, toilet or other drain, it probably means you've got a blocked or disrupted sewer line.

A local clog usually presents in only one drain or toilet, and you can usually see the blockage. If you don't see any obvious blockage and can't reach it with a plumber's snake, it's probably a deeper problem. When a sewer line is compromised, tree roots grow into it, blocking the sewer line at the point of the crack. After time, the roots become so big that they block the flow of sewage, resulting in the backed up drains on the lower level of your home.

Another common problem involved a slump in the sewer line or pitch problems. When something causes the sewer line to slump (being run over by a car or heavy equipment, or the collapse of soil below the sewer line due to a sink hole or erosion), the pitch can be thrown off so the sewage no longer flows in the direction.

Why Those Too-Good-To-Be-True Drain Clearing Coupons Aren't Worth It

You've probably seen plumbing coupons for "drain clearing for $69." Those sorts of coupons are misleading; if you read the fine print, they explain that these coupons only apply if the clog is not deep. This is to protect the plumbing company against a sewer line repair expense, which is much more expensive than a simple drain clog resolution. We price our coupons fairly so you are never tricked into thinking you can get a whole sewer line repair for $50 or something crazy like that. A sewer line repair usually involves digging up your lawn and replacing large pipes and then repairing your property.

We promise not to use bait and switch techniques to trick you into giving us your business. We run a fair and honest business.

Check out our fair and reasonable coupons and talk to the plumbing technician to get a real quote.

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