Locust Water Heater Repair and Installation Service

No hot water? Frustrated because your water heater isn't producing enough hot water or is only producing lukewarm water? If you need Locust water heater repair or replacement services, we're ready to help you get that hot water running again.

Why Work With E.R. Services?

We know Locust NC. How? Because we've been fixing water heaters in Locust since 1997. We're local plumbers, serving the Charlotte metro area, and we're devoted to this area. We're not a national franchise that may have a franchise open here this year but might be gone the next. We love here, we work here, and we are devoted to Charlotte.

We're 100% committed to providing great customer service. That's why we have fantastic reviews. Like hundreds of positive reviews. Our customers love us (and we love them, too!) Read what our happy customers have to say about our plumbing technicians, all of whom are totally committed to providing the best plumbing service possible every single time.

Our plumbing technicians are good and respectful. We know water heaters, and we know you don't want to replace your water heater unless you have to. That's why we approach every water heater job as a repair effort unless it's obvious that you will benefit most from replacing the unit.

Ready to Get Started?

Give us a call today at 704-846-5371 and we'll help you determine what your water heater needs to get up and running again.

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Can You Save That Broken Water Heater or Do You Need a New One?

Some plumbers will try to talk you into buying a new water heater when you could still get a few more years of service from the unit. Not us. We understand that you want what is most cost effective. That's why we take the time to diagnose the problem, consider all options, and discuss your situation before we make a recommendation.

You may be able to get by with a simple repair. If your water heater really is beyond hope, we'll talk through water heater replacement options. We'll discuss budget and pros and cons so you can make an educated decision. A new water heater is an investment, and we want you to make the investment that makes the most sense for your situation.

For example, if you are and your spouse are the only two people in the house and you plan on moving in ten years, there's no way you need a tankless water heater. A smaller traditional tank water heater will keep you in plenty of hot water for a good 10-15 years.

However, if you married with four little kids and plan on living in your home for the next 20+ years (and maybe even having grandma move in with you at some point), a tankless water heater is worth the upfront investment. Tankless water heaters last 20+ years, need little or no maintenance, and are most cost efficient, so you'll save up to 30% on water heating costs for the next 20 years. You'll also get endless hot water, which is very helpful when three people are taking showers at the same time (just wait until they're all in high school!).

We'll help you understand all your options and make the choice that's best for you.

Locust Water Heater Repair Service

Give us a call today at 704-846-5371to speak with a plumbing technician about your water heater options. Our plumbing technicians are knowledgeable and trained to take the time you need to make the best decision for your situation. We look forward to working with you!