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Hire trusted Mount Holly plumbers to install that water heater, replace that leaky faucet or unclog that drain for you. We've been tackling plumbing projects in Mt. Holly since 1997, and we've got the reputation to prove it!

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A Note from Mount Holly Plumbers

Mount Holly is a growing community (about 10,000 residents) where the old and new collide. You may be tempted to try to “do it yourself”, but a lot of older plumbing and pipe issues are best handled by professionals.

Do you need a new water heater? Consider a tankless water heater and save on energy costs. Do you hate the taste of your water? Let us help you select a water filtration system. We understand the growing pains small towns undergo as historic homes and buildings need updating and repairs and new construction commences. That’s why E.R. Services can serve you so well.

Mount Holly Plumbing Services

Mount Holly has a rich and beautiful history and a lovely historic downtown, but sometimes those older houses and buildings can present unique plumbing problems, especially as the new construction is built alongside the older infrastructure. We’re familiar with these issues and can help you when:

  • Your family’s water and sewer demands are too much for your plumbing system
  • Commercial or business emergencies, such as your restaurant suddenly has a problematic restroom
  • You experience flooding emergencies, which pose an exceptional threat, especially to historic homes and buildings
  • Your water heater breaks down or your pipes break
  • You need to replace a toilet, water heater or shower
  • You decide you need to install a whole house water filtration system to improve water taste, smell and quality

High-Quality Water Heater Services

You need your water heater working! When a water heater goes out, it's a four-alarm fire type of emergency for most homes or businesses. You need hot showers, hot water to wash dishes, hot water NOW!

We get it. However, we also know that you need to make a wise, informed choice when repairing a water heater or installing a new water heater so you get the right unit for your family's needs and budget.

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List of Plumbing Services

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Mount Holly Plumbing Calls

The map on this page (click on it, and then click around until you can see Mount Holly) is powered by Nearby Now. Our technicians report some of our Mt. Holly plumbing projects here. By checking out the map, you can see what sort of plumbing projects we're working on - in real time - on the map. Fun, right?

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