Pineville Water Line and Water Filtration System Services

Water smell or taste funny? Worried about water quality? Dealing with a water line break? Learn what a Pineville water line repair service or whole house water filtration system service can do for you.

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Comprehensive Pineville Plumbing Service

Whether you need water line repair service because you’re dealing with a broken water main or you’re looking to invest in improving your water quality through a water filtration system, we’re here to meet your Pineville plumbing needs.

When people need a Pineville plumber, they choose E.R. Services because:

  • We’re open 24/7, 365 days a year. Not only are we staffed around the clock, but we also arrive to your home or business with fully stocked trucks. We have an extensive warehouse, so we’ve got quick access to the parts you need, and we own our own heavy equipment. We can do the job quickly, and we can do the job right.
  • We’ve got experience.R. Plumbing Services has been serving the Pineville area since 1997. Our techs know what they’re doing.
  • We’ve got the reviews to back up our claims. In fact, you can read our hundreds of company reviews and our individual plumbing technician reviews. Some of our guys have 100+ reviews! Get to know us, see what customers say about us, and hire Pineville plumbers with stellar reviews.
  • We've got your back. If something goes wrong, we’ll be here to make it right. Our company motto is “Serviced Once, Client for Life!” Why? Because we are committed to getting the job done right and providing great customer service.

Dealing with Water Line Issues?

The majority of water line problems happen because of the following:

  • Old pipes. Pipes corrode over time (Read more about Charlotte repiping issues here.) You may need a simple water line repair, or you may be in need or repiping. In either case, we’ll assess the situation and help you determine what will provide the best value for your home or business.
  • When you put in a new appliance or add a bathroom, you may need water line installation or repair services.

Signs You Need a Water Line Repair

If you see the following signs, you should get your water lines checked out:

  • Pooling of water in your yard (sometimes you’ll even see bubbling water)
  • Unexplained water erosion
  • Your water looks rusty
  • Water smells funky
  • Your water pressure drops unexpectedly
  • Your water bill spikes

Thinking About a Whole House Water Filtration System?

Concerned about Charlotte water quality? You’re not alone. Check out these recent incidences of concerning water quality problems:

Invest in a whole house water filtration system to protect your family from water quality problems.

Looking for a Pineville Water Line Repair Service or Whole House Water Filtration System Installation Services?

Call E.R. Services at 704-846-5371 or use our online contact form for Pineville water line repair service or to explore options for installation of a whole house water filtration system. Find out why our motto is “Serviced Once, Client for Life!”