Radio Appearances

Got plumbing questions? Looking for advice you can trust? Learn from a master plumber in Charlotte with 30+ years experience.

Dave Parker, owner of E.R. Services, has provided plumbing services in Charlotte since 1997. Now he’s offering free advice through a variety of platforms.

Visit our blog page to check his blog, which is updated weekly and has approximately 300 articles, including answers to commonly asked plumbing questions and plumbing how-to instructional guides that will help you solve just about any plumbing problem you might encounter.

Dave also answers specific questions on Ask Dave, his question-and-answer forum. Ask Dave by posting a question or to review questions and answers posted by others.

Now Dave is appearing on WKKT 96.9 The Kat most Friday mornings at 11:45 a.m. Tune in or click on the links listed below to hear 60-second plumbing tips. New segments will be posted as they are released.

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