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Clogged Drain? What To Do?

So you've got a clogged drain. Before you call in a professional, you can try the following steps to unclog a drain on your own:

  • Try hot water and dawn dish detergent. A lot of drain clogs or clogged toilets are clogged with grease and organic waste that will break down if you dump hot water and a degreasing dish detergent down the toilet or drain.
  • Give it a plunge. You may think plungers are just for toilets, but they work well on sinks, shower stall drains, public restroom or kitchen drains, or bathtub drains, too. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the rim of the plunger to improve the seal. Plunging will break up minor clogs.
  • Use a snake, but be careful. If used improperly, snakes can compound the clog, making it even harder to clear the blockage. Poke carefully with the snake, trying to break up the clog and hook and pull out as much of the clog as can be dislodged.

What Not to Do

Whatever you do, don't:

  • Use Draino or another chemical drain cleaner. These chemical cleaners are dangerous to your skin and eyes, corrode the pipes, and don't work well. If you must use a drain cleaner, use an enzyme based drain cleaner. We like Bio One or Bio Clean, but really these products are most effective if used monthly to prevent clogs.
  • Use professional grade equipment without training. You can damage pipes or yourself.
  • Make homemade tools. We've seen quite a few coat hangers that end up damaging pipes or just stuck in the clogged drain.

Drain Cleaning Best Practices

If you've got one clogged drain, there's a very good chance your whole system is pretty gunked up. Invest in a whole house drain cleaning, and then follow these drain health beat practices:

  • Install hair catchers in your drains
  • Use a Zip-It once a month to remove hair and gunk from drains
  • Don't pour grease down drains
  • Use an enzyme based drain cleaner once a month
  • Talk to your family about what they flush down the toilet and what they put down the garbage disposal. Basically, only organic waste and toilet paper should go down the toilet, and only small scraps should go down the garbage disposal.

If you follow these simple practices, you will have sparkling clean drains!

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