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Drinking Water Quality

Water quality has become a hot topic. Recently, Charlotte area water quality came under surveillance as chemicals were discovered leaching from pipes into drinking water systems. Older homes with corrosive pipes (galvanized pipes in particular) can be especially susceptible to water quality problems.

The natural answer to corrosive pipes is to repipe an older home, but that is an expensive investment. In the meantime, installation of a whole house water filtration system protects you on two fronts: both from municipal or well water (water source), and from any contaminants that may be coming from older pipes.

Signs You Need Water Line Repair or Replacement

If you're seeing water quality problems (rusty colored water, water that smells bad), you'll want to check a few things. It could be that your water heater is getting old and is corroding (rusty colored hot water only), or it could be that your tank needs to be sanitized (which would make the water smell funny). It could also be that your pipes are corroding, or that local water main pipes are in need of flushing or repair.

If you need to talk to a plumber to determine that is causing your water quality problems, we'll gladly help out.

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