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First you notice that the water is draining slowly, or you realize you are standing in a puddle of water a couple inches deep while taking a shower. Then you realize it's hardly draining... or isn't draining at all. Now you've got a ring of dirty water and scum accumulated on the bottom of your sink, tub or shower, and you're poking around the drain, pulling up hair and grease and unidentifiable gunk, but the water still isn't going down. What to do next? You need Stanley drain cleaning service.

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Clogged Drain Tips

So... you've got a clogged drain. Most people drive to the store, pick up some Drano, and dump it down the drain. And.... guess what happens? Nothing. The smelly, dangerous chemical drain cleaner just sits there in your tub or sink, doing nothing.

So you try using the plunger or the snake, and that caustic chemical drain cleaner splashes up onto your skin, burning your hands, your face, your eyes. Maybe it's just a mild irritant, or maybe you end up in the emergency room flushing out your eye and hoping you won't go blind.

At best, the chemical cleaner will bore a hole down the middle of the clog, partially opening the drain. A month later, it's completely clogged again, and when you go to clear the drain this time, your snake pokes a hole through the corroded pipe, causing a serious leak that you find out about a year later, after substantial water damage has occurred deep in your walls where you couldn't see it until it's very expensive to fix.

What Should You Use Instead of Caustic Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Let's try this again. You've got a clogged drain, so you pour a mixture of 1/3 cup de-greasing dish detergent and three cups hot (almost boiling) water into the clogged sink, tub, shower or toilet. Wait 20 minutes for the degreasing action to take place, and then use a plunger or snake to loosen the clog or to break it up, being careful not to jam it deeper down the drain. If you are able to fish some of the clogged material out of the drain, remove it and dispose of it in a trash can.

If the water is starting to go down the drain a little, repeat this a second time, using even more dish detergent and hot water. The dish detergent and hot water will break up the clog, allowing you to plunge or flush the clog down the drain.

If it's a stubborn clog, call a plumber, who will use gentle drain cleaning products that will not eat away at your plumbing, causing damage inside the pipes (like caustic chemical cleansers do). Then follow up with these best practices to prevent a future problem:

  • Once a month, use a plastic zip-it to fish out anything gunking up your drains.
  • Use an enzyme-based drain cleaner (we like BioClean or BioOne) down each drain; the enzymes will eat away anything clogging the pipes or collecting on the sides of your pipes so your pipes stay clean.
  • Use drain catchers in shower stalls to prevent hair from going down the drain.

Interested in learning more drain cleaning best practices? Let us know and we'll help set you up for success.

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