Tega Cay Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Tank water heaters typically last 10-13 years (tankless last 20). It's easy to forget about that trusty appliance until the day it stops working, leaving you without hot water for a shower before work. (It usually happens on a day you have an important presentation, or the day before your in-laws arrive to stay with you for a week.) That's when you need Tega Cay water heater repair and replacement services.

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We understand you need your water heater working NOW. We are available 24/7. That means you can schedule your water heater appointment any time of day, at no extra charge. We also provide weekend and holiday water heater appointments at no extra charge. Your life is busy, so we work around your schedule.

You need value. Water heaters are an investment, which is why we'll help you choose the best one for your situation. If you have a large home or large family, you may be better off with a tankless water heater, which provides never-ending hot water and will last 20 years. If you have a small family or are on a budget, a tank water heater may be your best option. We'll ask the right questions so we can make a good recommendation.

We're dedicated to your satisfaction. That's why we'll take the time to make sure your water heater is working exactly as it should. You'll see we have a long record of making sure our customers are happy.

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Please read our reviews (you'll see we have literally hundreds of them), especially the ones from water heater customers.

Understanding Water Heater Options

When choosing a water heater, there are several factors to consider. You will want to ask yourself:

  • How long do I plan on living in this house? Fewer that ten years or over ten years?
  • How much am I willing to invest? Do I want to just get by, or am I investing in resale or long term?
  • How much hot water do we need at our peak hot water usage times?

Be sure to read what the Department of Energy has to say about choosing a water heater. Then check out this infographic produced by the Department of Energy comparing types of water heaters for a wide variety of factors, such as cost, life expectancy, energy use, etc.

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