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E.R. Plumbing Services works diligently to remain up to date on the latest technology in plumbing and wastewater management. To provide the best possible sewer drain services, we now offer trenchless technologies which provides long-lasting and cost-effective services that fully restore sewer pipes with less disruption to property. Services are provided to our residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial clients in the Charlotte Metro Area in North Carolina.

Trenchless Technology: What You Need to Know

Fewer Disruptions - Expect prompt and efficient service that will not cause much disruption.

Minimal Environmental Impact - Make the most of the service that will not harm landscapes.

Safer - Less manpower and equipment will be used.

Trenchless technology involves underground construction without having to worry about extensive digging. This technology allows us to repair, replace and install pipelines and drains without bringing in heavy equipment.

Through trenchless technology, we fix or replace underground infrastructure without disrupting anything on the surface. This preserves roads, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and landscaping. With no need for restoration of the property, the project takes less time and makes for a more cost-effective solution. The technology works on all types and sizes of pipes.

E.R. Plumbing Services Offers Trenchless Solutions And More

Our team ensures:

  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • The Latest Technology
  • No Hidden Charges

Minimally Invasive Services Without the Post-Project Mess and Lengthy Downtime

A full range of trenchless services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients are available. These services include assessment, installation, and repairs. Through trenchless technology, E.R. Plumbing Services addresses a host of common pipe issues.

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CIPP Sewer Line Repair
Our CIPP sewer line repair involves inserting a flexible resin liner into a damaged pipe. We inflate the liner and cure it, allowing it to bond to the pipe. This creates a pipe within the host pipe, and it offers a lifespan of 50 years.

CIPP Blue Light Ray Repairs
We offer CIPP curing with blue or UV light. This rapid curing process allows us to quickly return service. It works on PVC, cast iron, and clay pipe renewal projects.

Drain Cleaning
We clear grease, mineral scale, solids, and other materials from drains. Our drain cleaning services prevent worsening corrosion and reduce internal pressure on the pipe.

Sewer Line Services
We handle everything related to your sewer lateral and main.

Sewer Lining
Harsh materials in wastewater combine with the actions of bacteria to cause corrosion. We offer sewer lining to strengthen the pipe and prevent damage from other issues, including tree roots.

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Sewer Camera Inspection
When you discover signs of a clogged sewer, we perform a thorough inspection with our submersible camera. We also offer sewer inspections before and after repair and replacement services.

Sewer Line Leak Repairs
Our skilled team locates the source of the leak in your sewer pipe. We quickly address the leak and repair it, and we stand behind our work.

Sewer Cleanout and Hook-Up
Sewer cleanouts allow us to access the sewer line and remove clogs. We offer sewer cleanout and hook-up repair, replacement, and installations.

Steam Lining Repairs
When pipes have tree root intrusion, corrosion, small offsets, or cracks, we offer steam lining repairs. We cure the inflated liner with steam for a prompt restoration of service.

When your pipes are cleaned by hydro-jetting, they’re actually being cleaned by a high-powered pressure washer. The pipes are essentially being scoured. This will eliminate the clog, and go a long way in preventing clogs in the future. This is a longer-lasting solution than snaking and is ideal for many different types and sizes of pipes.

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Benefit from minimally invasive solutions that do away with the post-project mess or the lengthy downtime. For more information about our trenchless services or to schedule an appointment, contact us at E.R. Plumbing Services today.

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