Weddington Drain Cleaning Service

Uh, oh... drain stopped up? Can't get it unclogged? Dirty water backing up into a shower stall or tub drain? Searching the web for "plumber Weddington NC" because you need drain cleaning service from a reliable local plumber near you?

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We are Weddington's choice for drain cleaning service because we are known for excellent plumbing service and ongoing customer service.

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Do You Need Drain Cleaning Repair Service, Or Can You Unclog That Drain?

Wondering when to call in a professional drain cleaning company? You may be able to unclog that drain yourself if you try these steps:

  • Evaluate the clogged drain. Is it organic waste? It may be able to be broken up if you pour very very hot water and a generous amount of dish detergent that has a de-greasing agent in it, like Dawn. Give this a try and let the clog sit for a few minutes to see if it will break up.
  • Can you fish any of the clog out of the drain? Try using a disposable plastic Zip It to pull out any material that can be easily reached.
  • Use a plunger to break up and dislodge the clog. Yes, a plunger works well on tub and shower stall drains.
  • Try using a snake to break up the clog. Be careful not to jam the material down into the drain, making the clog worse.

When Do You Need to Call in a Professional Drain Cleaning Company?

If the steps outlined above do not work, you should stop and call a plumber. We ask that you don't use chemical drain cleaners (like Draino, which can be dangerous to you and your pipes). We also suggest you refrain from making your own drain-cleaning tools since these often break inside the pipes or cause damage. It's not wise to rent professional grade equipment; you could hurt yourself of the pipes.

Need Weddington Drain Cleaning Service?

Have you been searching the web for "plumber Weddington NC" because you need drain cleaning service? Call us today at 704-846-5371 for help with your clogged drains. We look forward to working with you!