York Sewer Line Service

Sometimes when a toilet backs up, it's just a local clog that can be dealt with simply, with the good old plunger. But when a lower level toilet backs up and suddenly you've got sewage coming into your house instead of flowing out, you've got a much bigger problem: a sewer line blockage. That's when you need York sewer line services.

Why Work With Us?

Sewer line blockages are no joke. This is a big project, and you need a plumbing company with experience, heavy equipment and the staff to handle the job right. Most small plumbing companies need to rent the equipment to repair or replace a sewer line, but we own the trucks and heavy equipment needed to get the job done. That means you don't have to pay for or wait for the rental of equipment. Win-win.

We're local. We're a big enough company to have staff and trucks available 24/7, but we're local, so we're invested in our customers. If you have problems down the road, we'll be here to follow up. Franchise owners come and go, and franchises don't truly care about their locations. We are devoted to the Charlotte area community and we have been fixing sewer lines in York since 1997.

You expect five-star service. We have a great reputation around town for a reason. Read our 1000+ positive reviews and find out why so much of our business comes from referrals.

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Need York sewer line service? Give us a call at 704-846-5371 and we'll fix that sewer line right away.

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Why Do Sewer Line Problems Happen?

Sewer lines are designed to last, but sometimes things happen that cause them to bow, warp, crack or break. In most cases, extreme weather and pressure from surrounding soil (a sinkhole, or expanding and contracting of earth due to fluctuations in temperature) are the primary cause of the initial damage. Sewer line problems can also originate from situational abnormalities, such as if a heavy truck has run over your sewer line while doing landscaping.

You probably won't see any signs of a small crack in your sewer line right away. What usually happens is tree roots, which are always in search of nutrients and water, will sense the organic matter and water leaking from the crack and will grow into it. The roots are very strong, and will actually force the crack wider, growing into the sewer line and causing a blockage. Some sewer line blockages are several feet long and as wide around as the sewer line itself!

That's why a sewer line repair is such a big job. You need a plumber who knows how to find the break, dig up the sewer line, and repair or replace the section of the sewer line that has been compromised. Then they should restore your property so it looks nice.

We've got over 20 years of experience doing this and doing it right.

Looking for York Sewer Line Service?

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