The Cheat Sheet To Fixing A Slow Draining Sink at Home!

The Slow Draining Sink Cheat Sheet Purpose

There are many homeowners and residents alike that suffer from a slow draining sink. It is so common, many people are surprised to know that most homes deal with it regularly. A slow draining sink is an inconvenience, annoyance, and can be embarrassing when there is company.

Thankfully, plumbing experts have a cheat sheet that can stop this problem from happening. It will go over the cause of the drain clog, how professionals fix slow drain, and how the issue can be prevented in the future. To avoid this plumbing problem in the future, and to be one of the few residents without these issues, keeping reading for more details.

The Cause Of A Slow Draining Sink

There can be a few different reasons why a sink may not be draining properly. Depending on where the clog is located in the home, the plumbing system, and general care, the issue generally forms due to three reasons:

  • slow draining causesClogs: Cloggs are typically the culprit behind this issue. Foreign objects that are not meant to go down the drain like food, oil, cat litter, cigarette butts, hair, etc is enough to slow the drain down. Eventually, it can also cause the drain to stop altogether.
  • Mineral Build-Up: Mineral build-up in pipes can cause a sink to drain slowly. The minerals will accumulate in the drain pipes, as well as, water pipes. It can also be the cause of many other issues.
  • Vent Issues: Every plumbing system also has a venting system. This allows the wastewater to flow correctly. If there is an issue with the vents, the drain will not operate as it should.

Although there can be other issues such as main drain line clogs, this is the most common issues that require repair as soon as they are spotted.

How a Slow Drain is Fixed

When a professional is called to deal with a slow drain, there are a few things the technician will want to check. For the most part, homeowners have usually tried to plunge the obstruction away, so a plumber will fix drains and try to extract the clog with an auger.

If this does not work, a higher-powered auger along with a camera scope can be utilized. The camera will allow the technician to see inside the pipe and pinpoint the issue. Once that has been done, depending on the findings, the solution can be put into place.

fixing slow drains

Luckily, most of the issues above can be corrected quickly, but in some rarer cases, new plumbing drains and fixtures may need to be installed. This is why preventive measures are a good idea.

Don’t Let A Slow Drain Happen Again

preventing slow drainsWhen a slow drained has plagued a homeowner for an extended period, they are more likely to take preventative measures seriously. Those residents who practice them all the time are typically not bothered by the issue at all!

The best way to prevent a slow drain is by being mindful of what is going down it, and maintaining good plumbing maintenance. Keeping things like food, oil, grease, and other debris out of the drain is imperative. Also, chemical drain cleaners can do more harm than good, so staying away from them helps, as well.

Lastly, it is important to contact a professional at the first signs of trouble and having the system maintenance regularly. Plumbing tune-ups only need to happen every two to three years depending on the age of the system. Regardless, it can lead to far fewer headaches and slow draining sinks.

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