Charlotte Commercial Backflow Testing and Certification

Backflow occurs when clean water reverses direction and suctions dirty water into the drinking water supply. Because serious code violations and health problems can arise from contaminated water, businesses need to hire a plumber to perform an annual backflow inspection and protect their certification. E.R. Services provides commercial backflow preventer testing for businesses, private communities, industrial operations and multi-unit rental properties in addition to residential backflow testing.

City of Charlotte Backflow Certification Requirements

To ensure the safety of our community's drinking water, a backflow prevention device is required on all inground irrigation systems. A properly operating backflow device prevents hazardous substances from being drawn into the drinking water system, contaminating it.

According the City of Charlotte, “All industrial and commercial customers are required by ordinance to install and maintain backflow prevention devices at every water service connection to Charlotte Water. This includes domestic, irrigation, fire line services and swimming pool meters.”

That means, you need backflow preventers installed and inspected for all:

  • In-ground irrigation systems
  • Hydrants serving your building or property
  • Swimming pools (community or private)

You are probably getting notices from the city, reminding you that you have to get your backflow preventer tested each year. Make sure you get this done on time to avoid costly fees and potentially catastrophic problems with water contamination.

City of Charlotte Approved Tester

Why work with us? Because we are a City of Charlotte approved backflow inspector, approved for backflow preventer testing, approved for both residential and commercial backflow inspections. Read the list of approved backflow testing companies here.

The city of Charlotte requires all backflow prevention devices to be tested once a year. Details of these requirements for backflow testing can be found here, if you would like to read up on them. The plumbing technicians at E.R. Services are trained in backflow inspection and reporting procedures, so we can take care of this for you, no fuss, no hassle.

What's the legal penalty if you don't test it and get caught? $100 fine, plus possible termination of water service.

Need Charlotte Commercial Backflow Testing?

Give us a call at 704-846-5371. We’ll test your backflow prevented and let you know if it needs further attention, keeping you in good standing with the city.