Charlotte Commercial Gas Line Maintenance, Repair & Installation

Smell gas? Get out of the building, call the gas company, and then give us a call for emergency gas line service within a 25-mile radius of Charlotte. Our plumbing technicians are trained and certified to handle all aspects of your Charlotte commercial gas plumbing needs.

Why Work With Us?

Experience. E.R. Services has been installing, repairing and replacing commercial gas lines in the Charlotte area since 1997. We’ve got the experience needed to make sure the job is done right. Just check out our commercial plumbing client list and you’ll see why we’re Charlotte’s preferred commercial plumbers.

We understand what is at stake. The gas lines that run from the gas meter into your commercial or industrial building are your responsibility. If there are any problems with those gas lines, the owner or developer is fully liable for all repairs and maintenance. We understand what is at stake, and we prioritize your needs. We’re open 24/7, and we have the staff to respond quickly when you’ve got a gas leak.

We know gas lines. Many factors can result in gas leaks or other problems with your gas lines. Common issues include poor or improper gas line installation, aging of gas lines or issues with piping material. If you are a facilities manager, maintenance manager or building superintendent, you can count on us to install, repair or replace your gas lines properly, resolving immediate issues and preventing future problems.

Gas Line Maintenance

Just like every other aspect of maintaining your facility, your gas plumbing needs routine maintenance! Sign up for annual inspections to keep your system working safely and efficiently.

The following are issues we often catch during inspections:

  • Trouble with the Joints and Connectors: Over time, these components corrode, seize up or simply wear out.
  • Cracked Seals: Seals located on the bell joint or spigot dry out and crack as they age.
  • Fittings that are Incorrectly Sized: If the pipe and fittings were incorrectly sized during installation, problems arise.

Gas Line Repair

When it comes to gas line repairs, you need to know the job will be performed by an expert and done correctly. We are licensed and insured, and we have the experience to get it done right.

We also understand you’ve got a business to run. That’s why we stay out of your hair. We’ll perform the gas line repair quickly and with minimal disturbance to your operations.

Gas Line Installation and Venting

Need a new gas line installed? Get it done right the first time, preventing future problems.

Need Charlotte Commercial Gas Line Plumbing Services?

Give us a call at (704) 846-5371 to discuss your commercial gas plumbing needs. We look forward to working with you!