Tips for Properly Filtering Your Tap Water

How to Filter Your Tap Water

When you get a glass of water from the sink, do you know exactly what you’re putting in your body? Are you confident that there are no harmful chemicals or that there isn’t bacteria in your water? It’s best not to be careless about consuming substances that could potentially cause health problems.

If you’re using a filter, especially a whole home water filter, you can be free from these worries, and you’ll know that when it comes to water consumption, you’re giving your body its best chance to be healthy! Highlighted are a few different types of water filters so that you can decide what is best for you and your family.

Undersink Water Filters for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

under sink filtersThese filters use the pressure of the water itself to push the water you drink through a filter. This cleans it so that it is safe for you to drink. Water filters that go under your sink can save space and are also lower in price when compared to a whole-home system.

These models don’t waste water, and they don’t require a lot of maintenance or daily hassle. Additionally, they can help protect areas where you use the water most.

For example, washing your hands with unfiltered water can irritate your skin and even leave stains on your fixtures. With an under-sink filter in place, you can enjoy cleaner and more potable water with every turn of the dial.

Faucet Mounted Water Filters Offer a Simple Option

These filters are attached to your faucet and filter tap water as it comes out. Most work with activated carbon that catches contaminants, trapping them before they can come out with the rest of the water through a process known as ‘adsorbency;’ note that this is different from ‘absorbency’ because the carbon collects the contaminants before they can move forward, rather than absorbing them.

mounted filter

Faucet mounted water filters may also use a process by which harmful ions in the water are replaced with safe ones. The result is water with reduced chlorine, metals, or other pollutants. This filter saves even more space than an under sink filter. These filters need changing when they fill up, and the changing date will vary according to water usage.

Whole-Home Systems Offer Complete Protection

whole filtersWhole-home water filters allow the entirety of your house to be protected from water pollutants. These also often use carbon filters but can be specified to help with the issues in your own water in your house.

For instance, if you have a lot of iron in your water, you might choose to use an iron filter. Whole-home water filters will help your clothing to be softer in the laundry. They prevent scaling in your bathroom, and you may even notice your hair and skin beginning to look healthier from the softness of the water when using these filters.

Whole-home water filters may also help the appliances in your house that use water to last longer because not as many minerals will be passing through them. They are the most comprehensive approach to filtered water in a household. If you need help finding the right filter for your home, it’s always a good idea to consult with your local plumbing service company.

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