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What should I do if snaking the line isn't working?

Question: My sewer line is backed up. Drain cleaning products aren't working. I snaked my sewer line and it's still clogged. How do I unclog my sewer line?

Answer: When your sewer line is clogged and snaking the line doesn't work, it's time to get a sewer line camera inspection. Professional grade equipment is required for a deep sewer line clog, professional grade equipment is not safe for use unless you have undergone training.

Steps to Take Before Calling a Plumber:

1. Use a toilet plunger on the drain. Put petroleum jelly on the rim to improve the seal.

2. Try pouring boiling water and degreasing detergent (like Dawn dish soap) into the line. Do not use caustic drain cleaners; they usually do not work and can cause dangerous backsplash.

3. Snake the line.

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