Question: My basement floor drain next to my clothes washer and dryer keeps backing up. Whenever I do laundry, nasty water comes up through the drain and smells awful. How can I stop this from happening?

basement drain backed up near washer and dryerAnswer: Basement floor drains back up when the branch line or vent is blocked. You have a clogged drain that will need to be unclogged.

What You Can Do

You can try to clear the blockage a hand auger. Drain cleaner will not work because the long pipe sections in basements run horizontally, and the drain cleaner will settle on the bottom of the pipe.

Be sure to refrain from using caustic drain cleaners, especially if you have steel pipes because the harsh cleaners will eat away at the zinc and accelerates corrosion.

If you cannot clear the clog, hire a professional plumber. They will clear the clog without damaging your pipes.