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What are signs I need whole house repiping?

Question: What are signs my plumbing needs to be replaced with new pipes? When is whole house repiping necessary?

Answer: The following are signs that indicate it's time to invest in whole house repiping:

1. Your water is rusty or discolored (brownish-yellow water implies that inside the pipes your water is mixing with corroded pipe material—rust).

2. Your water is giving off a foul odor.

3. You have low water pressure.

4. You notice an increase in your water bill (that’s a sign of a potential leak).

5. You are frequently repairing leaks and pipes.

6. Your home is over 40 years old. Older pipes are typically made of sub-optimal materials, or have been under stress and suffered from wear and tear, which means they are showing age-related issues.

What You Can Do

If you notice some of these signs, you'll want to investigate if the cause is older plumbing that needs to be replaced or if these symptoms are caused by something easier to tackle.

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Investigate the following to find out exactly what may be the cause of the symptoms and to determine if you need whole repiping or not.

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