safe mold removal

How do I remove mold?

Question: How do I remove mold? Can’t I just kill mold with bleach?

Answer: No, you cannot kill mold with bleach, and, even more concerning, mixing bleach with cleaners or soaps creates toxic fumes that if in haled can cause serious health problems. The removal of mold itself needs to be done very carefully because disruption of mold spores can mean contact with those mold spores or inhalation of mold spores, which is also very dangerous to your health.

You need to protect yourself from mold spores. A professional wears a full disinfection suit, plus closes off the affected room from the rest of the home or business while resolving your mold problem so that the spores will not spread throughout the structure and cause future problems. Yes, you could get rid of mold on your own but you will put your health at risk and, without the help of a professional, the mold will likely return.

What You Can Do

It's best to hire a professional to remove mold, since amateur mold-removal efforts often result in health problems and recurring mold.

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Educate yourself on the health hazards associated with exposure to mold and disrupting mold spores while removing mold.

Learn how to prevent mold from growing by managing humidity in the home, one of the main factors in mold growth.