How to get rid of cigarette odors

How can I get rid of cigarette smoke odors?

Question: How do I get rid of cigarette smoke smells? Why is cigarette smoke so hard to get rid of?

Answer: It's very hard to remove cigarette smoke smells because smoke molecules settle into the pores of your carpet, upholstery and drywall. They actually bind with the other molecules, so even cleaning these surfaces only removes some of the odor. In order to completely remove cigarette smoke odors, you have to open those pores, remove the odors through chemically proven processes, and then

What You Can Do

You can remove some of the cigarette smoke smells by deep cleaning your home - meaning cleaning the walls, carpet, ceilings, and hardwoods. The products that you use to clean should contain ammonia and glycol; they can help by neutralizing smells somewhat. However, to truly remove the smells, you need to use professional equipment.

When we encounter a home with an odor problem related to cigarette smoke, we heat up the room to about 95 degrees to open the pores of the sheet rock, drywall, ceiling panels, carpet fibers and upholstery. Then we use a specialized ozone generator to split the ozone molecules in the room. These ozone molecules, once split, search for the molecules causing the odor. As they find each other, the split molecules bind with the odor-causing molecules, removing the odors.

This sort of equipment should only be used by licensed restoration services experts because the process can be dangerous. However, it is very effective when done properly.

We pair this process with an odor replacing process that is far different from any masking process provided by over-the-counter products. The pairing of the ozone generator with the odor replacement process is very successful in completely removing cigarette smoke odors.

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