Legal charlotte backflow preventer tester

Is it a legal requirement that I test my backflow preventer every year?

Question: How often do I need to test my irrigation system for backflow? Is it really a legal requirement?

Answer: It is a legal requirement (in Charlotte, North Carolina) that you test your irrigation system once a year to ensure your backflow preventer is working properly. This is a legal requirement because backflow contamination of drinking water is a serious health problem.

Per City of Charlotte Ordinance on Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Article V Sec. 23-173- Installation and Testing of backflow prevention assemblies(link), "Each backflow-prevention assembly required by this article must be functioning properly when installed. Each customer must test, maintain and repair each required backflow-prevention assembly which is part of the customer's private water system.

What's the legal penalty if you don't test it and get caught? $100 fine, plus possible termination of water service. In most cases, only the fine is charged.

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Read official legal requirements provided by City of Charlotte Water.

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