Question: Why are my drains slow and gurgling?

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How do I unclog a drain?

Answer: In most situations, slow drains provide an indication there is a problem. Over time, they slow down or may even gurgle when appliances or fixtures are running. This may not be noticeable at first, but it becomes noticeable as the problem worsens.

What do gurgling drains indicate? Gurgling drains indicate that the drain is not running smoothly; there is some sort of blockage forming inside the pipe. The gurgling sound you hear is air and water making its way around the blockages, or through narrowed drains that have accumulated build up like plaque on the insides of the drains due to corrosion or collection of hair, gunk and debris.

What You Should Do

Hire a professional to clean or hydrojet your drains; immediate attention should be taken.

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