Why is lower level toilet backed up

Why is my toilet clogged? How can I tell if it's a sewer line back up or a local clog?

Question: Why did my toilet back up? What causes a lower level toilet to back up?

Answer: Toilet clogs are typically created by flushing facial tissues, serviettes, diapers and other waste in your toilet. Avoid dumping big things that can be lodged within your sewer line down your garbage disposal. Fat and grease, although its liquid at first it can harden inside your plumbing, collect debris and create a stubborn clog.

If the problem isn't a local clog, it's probably something bigger: a sewer line backup. Tree roots are the most prevalent cause for home sewer backups. Even if there are no trees in the region directly above your sewer line, roots from a nearby yard could be the cause of your sewer issue. Tree roots can create a few issues for your sewer systems. They can expand into the pipes and create gaps and blockages, or they can fold around your sewer loop and break it.

What to Do

One of the easiest methods to identify the source of your house sewer back up is to have a skilled plumber search it out. They can conduct a video inspection of your sewer line and explain to you exactly what the issue is. They can then recommend the most suitable, safest, and least costly solution.

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