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Concerned that your sewer line might be cracked, broken, outdated or otherwise compromised? We provide Mooresville sewer line service 24/7, year round.

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You need prompt service, and we're ready. Many plumbing companies don't have the trucks, parts, or heavy equipment needed to perform a sewer line repair or replacement. They need to rent the equipment and send out for parts. We're prepared so you don't have to wait.

We know sewer lines. You need an expert when you need a sewer line repaired or replaced. It's a big job, and you need someone who will do it right.

Our customers rave about us. We're devoted to customer service, and our plumbing technicians are highly skilled. Check out our 5-star reviews.

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Give us a call at 704-846-5371 for quick and thorough sewer line repair or replacement service.

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Local Mooresville Sewer Line Experts

Looking for local plumbers that know the area? We've been repairing and replacing sewer lines in Mooresville since 1997. We're devoted to the community and our customers. as a result, we've got a good reputation and we plan on keeping it that way. Our owner, Dave Parker, makes sure every customer is happy with the work performed.

When your sewer line becomes compromised, it's typically the result of movement of earth, heavy equipment rolling over the sewer line or a crack that has been invaded by tree roots. The roots grow into the pipe (through the crack) and block the sewer line.

As a result of the blockage, you will have sewage backing up into your home, which is no fun. We'll dig up the sewer line, replace the segment of the pipe that's been compromised, and repair the land that had to be disturbed in order to perform the repair. Your property will be good as new, and you will no longer have sewer line blockage problems.

Need Mooresville Sewer Line Service?

Think your sewer line needs a plumber's attention? Give us a call at 704-846-5371 and we'll troubleshoot and fix the problem right away.