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Drains clogged? Some clogs are easy to break up, but truly stubborn clogs require a professional drain cleaning expert with the proper tools. When a plunger or plumbing snake doesn't do the job, give us a call for York SC drain cleaning service.

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Drain Cleaning Tips

Most people call us when they are dealing with a stubborn clogged drain, but we're also here to help you keep those drains running smoothly after we deal with the problem drain. You may not realize how much you can do to prevent clogged drains, but drain maintenance is easy and can make a big difference.

You know how you mark one day a month to do maintenance tasks like give your dog heart worm medication or check the oil on your car? Add quick drain maintenance to that To-Do list. Once a month, quickly clean out each drain with an inexpensive, disposable plastic Zip-It. Then dump a little BioClean or BioOne (enzyme-based drain cleaner) down each drain. The enzymes will eat away at any gunk that is building up in the pipes.

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This is what the insides of a corroded pipe look like. Water and waste no longer flows cleanly through the pipe, but instead gets stuck and collects on the sides.

Drain Cleaning Myth

You've probably been told that you have to use harsh chemical drain cleaners if you want to keep those drains sparkling clean. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Chemical drain cleaners like Drano actually corrode your pipes, and severely corroded pipes look like this inside: rusty and uneven. This means organic matter doesn't flow through the pipes the way it should; instead, it catches on the corroded insides of the pipes and builds up like a layer of plaque inside arteries.

Never use chemical drain cleaners. They are dangerous (you can get a serious chemical burn or even go blind), they don't work well (they usually just burn a hole through the center of the clog, leaving significant build up and re-clogging again soon), and they damage the insides of your pipes. Instead, use a gentle drain cleaner like the enzyme-based ones mentioned above.

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