Don't End Up on Santa's Naughty List: 5 Plumbing Things NOT to Do

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Everyone knows he makes his list and checks it twice, so don’t try to pull a fast one on diligent Santa. A little-known fact is that he keeps a separate Homeowners Naughty/Nice list, and there’s a section on plumbing. Thanks to some elves who agreed to speak to us off-the-record, we found out five things that will land you on the Naughty List. Here’s the inside scoop.

  1. You haven’t introduced yourself to the main water valve.

Even if you’re an introvert, you need to get acquainted with your home’s main water valve. It’s a master networker—literally. Learn where it’s located, and learn how to shut it off. The same is true for any other emergency shut-off valves in your home, too. Santa doesn’t want to come down the chimney into a flooded living room.

  1. You made your toilet water blue. On purpose.

Chances are Santa won’t use the bathroom while he’s dropping off toys, but if he did, he might peek in your tank. He would not want to see a toilet freshener there. Just like the Drano that eats away at pipes, the chemicals in fresheners take a toll on toilet parts. Not to mention, tablets fresheners might get stuck in the flush valve as they disintegrate.

  1. You use harsh chemicals for your drains.

Your drain is clogged or draining slowly, so you buy some Drano and pour it down. A little while later your drain is working better and that’s that. Except that isn’t that. The harsh chemicals are a bit too harsh, in fact, and can eat away at your pipes as well as unclogging tools. (You don’t want to have to ask Santa for new pipes, do you?) And despite the sizzle-pop-pop, commercial drain cleaners often don’t clear the drain completely. Your best bet is prevention: Keep grease out of the drain.

  1. You don’t have a water alarm.

Water damage is a mess in every sense of the word. We’ve blogged about water alarms before, and we’ve talked about how important they are to insurance claims. If you haven’t had a chance to install a system yet, consider doing so to alert you to problems before they get out of hand. (BTW, even Santa has a water alarm. The elves said there’s one near the sink in his workshop.)

  1. You keep giving your garbage disposal indigestion.

This goes back to #3. Garbage disposals do a lot, but overloading them with grease, poultry bones, peels, and other disposal no-nos will lead to clogs. You don’t want Santa sitting around your kitchen eating cookies and milk wondering “What’s that smell?” only to find that your disposal is backing up. Another tip: run cold—not hot—water and “feed” the disposal with one item at a time.

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plumbing dos and donts, Charlotte plumbers list of dos and donts

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Is there anything I shouldn’t do with my plumbing?

There are several definite plumbing don’ts. Do not forget to introduce yourself to the main water valve. Do not purposely make your toilet water blue. Do not use harsh chemicals for your drains. Do not forget to install a water alarm. Do not overload your garbage disposal with junk.

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