How to Hire the Right Charlotte Plumbing Contractor

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You’re building a new home, renovating, or simply looking to get that little home improvement project taken care of once and for all. You begin the way most 21st century inquiries begin: by Googling “bathroom remodeling contractor” or “repiping company in Charlotte” or “there are so many renovation contractors, Google, how do I chose?” Okay, maybe you won’t enter that last query, but you will likely be thinking it at some point in the part because Googling alone doesn’t suffice. Read our tips on how to hire the right plumbing contractor.

Read Plumbing Contractor Reviews

Sure, you might already read reviews. But be certain to read them with a critical eye. Read reviews across several platforms (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s, etc.). Pay attention to which ones are informative and well thought out. Many are, but sometimes you have to read between the lines. Does the reviewer go into detail? Does the reviewer seem to have an agenda—a superficial reason for giving one star or an over-the-top reason for giving five? Does the reviewer sound like someone whose situation is similar to yours? Uncover the bias.

Equally important is paying attention to how a company responds to reviews, particularly negative ones. Is the company defensive? Does the company acknowledge complaints and take them seriously? How a company responds can say a lot about them—and whether they truly care or divert responsibility.

E.R. Plumbing is Google Guaranteed, which means we’ve been screened by Google’s beta program that vets local services for licensure and insurance. Reviews are also assessed under the Google Guaranteed listing.

Check Social Media

In addition to checking Facebook for reviews, it’s a good idea to see what others say about a company in general across social media platforms. Have family or friends posted about them? What kind of community involvement does the company have? And if the company has a social media presence, how does it communicate its brand? Do they give examples or show photos of their work? These elements will help fill out the picture for you.

Do Research

We make this suggestion in so many of our blog posts, and it’s true here, too: Educate yourself. (We know, we thought we left homework behind in our school days, too.) You needn’t immerse yourself like finals week or try to become a short-term expert. However, the more you understand about how much certain materials cost, what a typical markup is, what the going labor rate is, or what insurance and licenses a contractor should have, the more prepared you are. Even getting up to speed on one of these areas can benefit you.

Ask Questions

Now that you’ve read reviews, checked out social media, and engaged in some research, it’s time to contact the contractors. When you speak to or meet with them, ask questions. A good contractor will be transparent and answer your questions clearly. You should feel comfortable that you understand what you need to understand (about the process, costs, contract, guarantees, etc.), and you should feel as though you trust the contractor.

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Quick question & answer: What is the best way to choose a plumber in Charlotte?

The best way to choose a plumber in Charlotte is to read plumbing contractor reviews across platforms, paying attention to how the company responds to negative reviews. Also, check their social media platforms for pictures of their work. Educate yourself so you understand how much certain materials cost, what the going labor rate is, and what licenses contractors should have.

charlotte plumbers with the best reviews, how to hire the right plumbing contractor

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