Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Tools

Charlotte thermal imaging leak detection equipment

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Tools

One day you notice something unusual: your kitchen hardwood floors around the island feel a bit uneven. You get down on your hands and knees and realize you’re not crazy to be concerned: the floorboards are actually buckling. What could have happened? Fifteen minutes later, you’ve pulled out the dishwasher to discover the source of the problem: a slow leak that has been destroying your hardwood floors, the subflooring, and even the surrounding cabinets. You had noticed the water bill was higher than usual, but you never suspected a hidden leak.

Fortunately today advanced methods of leak detection technology make it possible to detect hidden leaks with impressive accuracy, empowering plumbers to detect and deal with hidden leaks early, before significant damage is done. If a situation like a leaking fridge or dishwasher is detected early, the leak can be fixed with minimal disruption and a professional water damage restoration crew can dry out the hardwood floors before the damage is so extensive that hardwood flooring replacement is necessary. The floor may still need to be refinished, but the costs and time investment is far less than in a case where the problem has gone undetected for a long period of time.

Advanced Leak Detection Technology

Here at E.R. Services, we keep our Charlotte plumbing technicians equipped with cutting edge diagnostic, repair and installation tools and technology because we believe the investment in superior tools enables us to provide superior plumbing service.

Thermal Leak Detection Cameras

Charlotte thermal imaging leak detection equipmentThermal imaging cameras detect leaks with accuracy using thermal imaging technology. The moisture shows up on the leak detection camera as colder than the surrounding materials in normal conditions, or, conversely, in a situation where a room or area has been heated, the moisture will show up as higher in temperature. A trained plumbing technician knows how to use the thermal imaging to determine where the moisture is, and then to use the humidity sensor on the camera and the moisture pen to determine how bad the situation is.

Thermal imaging cameras designed for leak detection work in a similar fashion as an ultrasound or heat map. The thermal imaging leak detection equipment displays a heat map of sorts, identifying the existence of leaks underneath walls, flooring, dirt or even slab. The vibrantly colored moisture map shows the plumber exactly where you the contrast in temperature exists and the contrast in moisture.

Equipped and Prepared

Thermal imaging cameras require training in order to be used effectively. Much like an ultrasound technician needs to be trained, our plumbing technicians undergo training and are fully equipped to find even extremely difficult to detect leaks in challenging locations.

Water Bill Spiked? Worried About a Hidden Leak?

If your water bill has spiked or you are concerned about hidden leaks, give us a call. Our trained plumbing technicians will help you figure out what’s going on and what the best solution is.

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What’s the best way to find hidden leaks? What are the best leak detection tools?

You can find hidden leaks by using advanced leak detection technology. Thermal imaging cameras detect leaks accurately using thermal imaging technology. In a room at an average temperature, moisture will show up on the camera as colder than the surroundings. They display a heat map that shows evidence of leaks underneath walls, flooring, or dirt.

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