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How Do You Know It’s Time to Clean Your Drains?

Just because you live in historic Davidson doesn’t mean you need historic drain clogs too. Some things don’t need to be remembered, like what went down your drain six months ago.

  • Water doesn’t go down the drain, or is slowed
  • Toilet doesn’t flush and fill properly
  • You can smell your drain from across the room
  • You don’t remember the last time you cleaned your drain

So How Bad is it? Time for a Drain Cleaning Professional?

Sometimes it’s very obvious you need a professional to clean your drains. Other times you can try DIY methods to clear your drains. In fact, we recommend you take preventative measures to keep your drains running smoothly.

  • Replace chemical drain cleaner like Drano with a safer alternative. Try one that contains enzymes like BioClean or BioOne. Chemical cleaners only clear the center of the clog so they don’t always work and won’t help long-term. They can also hurt your pipes more than the clog.
  • Pick up a plunger move the clog.
  • Use a snake to remove a clog.

If DIY efforts don’t work, it’s time to call a professional. Don’t use homemade or professional grade equipment yourself. It’s much better on your budget to call a professional to clear a drain than replace your pipes because you destroyed them when you improperly used a hydrojetter or an auger.

Just a Minor Drain Problem? Well, Let’s Avoid a Major One!

If things aren't bad yet, take the following actions to prevent a serious clog:

  • Clean out everything you can see and reach with a simple tool like a Zip It every month. Throw the gunk and hair you pull out of the drains into the trash; don’t wash it down the drain.
  • Use an enzyme-based drain cleaner once a month. Remember that dirt builds up, so it needs to be cleared out regularly.
  • Install drain catchers to catch long hair and pet hair if you wash your pets inside. Clean out the drain catchers every month, too!
  • Have a professional clear your drain annually. Just like you go see the dentist every year, let your drains get checked out by a professional. They get extra clean and then if there are any serious problems you are more likely to catch it early.
  • Watch what gets flushed! Organic waste and toilet paper are the only things that should get flushed.

Davidson, Are You Ready For Clear Drains?

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