Charlotte Green Plumbing Options That Reduce Home Energy Costs

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Going green is often associated with expensive investments, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are many green plumbing options that are better for the environment, save on energy usage (and costs) and will pay for themselves very quickly. The following are smart green plumbing investments:

Insulate Pipes and Your Water Heater (In the Winter)

When your pipes are not insulated (especially if those pipes are located in exterior walls or crawl spaces), you lose a lot of heat as water travels from your hot water heater to the faucet. If your water heater is in your garage, it also has to work extra hard to heat water (and keep it hot) since the cold air in the garage is constantly cooling the water.

Insulating pipes and your water heater costs very little but can yield significant benefits. These are easy projects that take very little time, and yet will lower your energy bills.

Remove Plumbing from Exterior Walls

If you are renovating, ask for the plumbing to be run through interior walls instead of exterior walls whenever possible.

Replace Your Hot Water Heater When It Turns Ten

Your hot water heater is probably costing 15 to 30 percent of your energy bills. Once your water heater hits age seven, it starts losing efficiency. By age ten, it’s inefficient and getting ready to retire. A new, more efficient water heater will save you money.

Invest in a Tankless Water Heater

While you’re thinking about a new water heater, consider going with the most cost-efficient of the options - a tankless water heater. Yes, they cost significantly more upfront, but they send hot water to your fixtures in a matter of seconds, saving you cash in three ways. One, you won't lose heat as hot water sits in the tank, needed to be continually heated (especially expensive in winter, and even more so if your water heater is located in your garage. Two, you won’t waste gallons and gallons of water waiting for hot water to arrive. Three, the tankless water heater will work (without losing efficiency) for 20 years, whereas your tank water heater will need to be replaced around year 10-12.

Of course, if you’re only going to be in your home for a couple years, you won’t want to invest in an on-demand water heater that is small and highly localized, one that only serves your shower, for example. Then you can save energy costs for hot water for one part of your home at a much lower price.

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Quick question & answer: What is the best advice from Charlotte plumbers?

The best advice from Charlotte plumbers is to insulate your pipes and your water heater in winter. Remove plumbing from exterior walls. Replace your hot water heater when it turns ten. Invest in a tankless water heater, which should last approximately twenty years.

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