How Much is that Leaky Pipe Costing You?

How Much is that Leaky Pipe Costing You?

The best, low-cost way to fix a leaking pipe is to fix it yourself. This will most likely mean that you will need to be able to weld and have the equipment to do the job. It is quite unfortunate that most DIY people don’t have the skills nor the equipment to perform this kind of job properly. The next step is to look into hiring a professional.

What is That Leak Costing You Really?

Before we get into costs of repair and finding a good plumber, if you are hesitant to repair your leak, you should know how much that leaky pipe could really be costing you in home damage.

According to the American Water Works Association (source:, leaks in pipes waste (per 24-hours, at 40 pounds of water pressure):

  • 1/32″ leak – 170 gallons
  • 1/16″ leak – 970 gallons
  • 1/8″ leak – 3600 gallons

To give you perspective, a 1/16” leak is the size of a pencil point.

You probably don’t realize how much a pipe leak can cost you, but experts estimate that a hairline crack (1/16”) can cost you between $100-$600 just for the monthly water usage alone.

Water damage can be a homeowner’s worse nightmare. Leaking appliances and bursting pipes can cause mold and mildew, not to mention the rotting of drywall, flooring materials, and wood.

If you hesitate to repair your leak, you could end up with appliances falling through thin floors, flooding basements and living rooms, lung problems associated with the growth of mold, and a host of other problems.

When this happens, your next concern appears: Will my insurance cover it? Bob Passmore, of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America says, “Out of every $100 paid in insurance claims, $12 goes to water damage and freezing claims, not including water damage from flooding rivers and seas.”

So, when you come across a leaky pipe, don’t ignore it. Find out the estimated cost and then do some research as to who would do the job credibly.


Most people will want to do some research before hiring a professional plumber. Before you research which plumbing company is the best, a good idea is to first calculate just about how much that company should be charging you. I came across a great online tool to help you do just that.

Job Cost Calculator

One of the best ways to estimate how much your plumbing work should cost is to use a cost calculator. Just do a search for “cost to repair a plumbing leak,” and you will be able to find one online. The one I found was updated in January of 2014. All you do is enter your zip code, type in how many leaks you are trying to estimate, click on “update” and it automatically calculates a few things for you. Leak repair labor (these are the direct labor expenses to repair your plumbing leak). Of course, the more leaks you enter, the higher the price.

Next, it calculates the leak job materials and supplies (this is the cost of the supplies that they may need to repair your leak including the fittings, connectors and mounting hardware.

Lastly, it gives you the total cost of the leaks you entered and the average cost per leak.

Repair That Leak

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How many gallons of water will a leaky pipe waste?

A leaky pipe with 1/32” leak wastes about 170 gallons of water. A leak the size of a pencil point, 1/16”, wastes 970 gallons and can run anywhere from $100-$600. An ⅛” leak wastes 3600 gallons. If you hesitate to repair your leak, you could end up with appliances falling through thin floors or a flooded basement.


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