How-to Plumbing Videos

How-to Plumbing Videos

At ER Plumbing, on of our goals is to properly educate the public on correct use and maintenance of their plumbing. Now why on earth would a plumber want you to fix it yourself? Doesn’t that hurt his business?

David Parker believes that he can reach out the community and share his knowledge about plumbing to save Charlotte area residents time and money. By learning how to fix and maintain your plumbing equipment and components, you will know when you can fix it yourself and when you need to call a professional.

Charlotte Plumbing Advice Videos

David got the idea to make good quality plumbing advice videos so he could properly educate the public here in Charlotte and beyond about their plumbing system. Sure, anyone can make a video about plumbing and post it on the web. With David’s expertise, he is able to create videos with credibility that people can rely on.

The most important thing to know about plumbing is when you can “do it yourself” and when you need to call a professional. There are just some jobs that you cannot do yourself even if you are able to rent the proper equipment. Damaging your plumbing components can mean huge expenses that could have been avoided if you had called for a professional.

Watch for links to videos as they come available so you can learn about your plumbing equipment and components. We'll tackle topics like "How to Drain Your Water Heater" and disaster plumbing relief questions. Stay tuned for more about these great educational videos.

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David Parker, master plumber, started his business in Matthews, NC.  Since opening, David has been able to expand his service area to include the entire Charlotte metro area. Reaching out to his clients with compassion, honest prices and quality work has allowed him to grow his business to what it is today.

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Quick question & answer: Where can I find the best how-to plumbing videos?

E.R. Plumbing Services creates how-to plumbing videos to educate the public. With our expertise, we are able to share videos with credibility that you can rely on. The most important thing to know about plumbing is when you can “do it yourself” and when you need professional assistance.

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