Charlotte Plumber Advice: New Years Plumbing Resolution List

DIY Plumbing Project List

It’s a new year, and you may be starting lists for your home projects, spring-cleaning or goals for the year. We don’t often think about taking care of our plumbing systems; they’re always there to work for us and are taken care of by professionals when the time comes. But there are several small projects that you can add to your lists that wont cost you much and will save you money in the long run.

Pressure Check

In Charlotte, city water tends to provide many homes with far higher pressure than is normally rated for in home appliances. Head out to your nearest hardware store to pick up a pressure gauge that you can hook up to your outdoor spigot in order to test your pressure. If it’s too high (80-120psi as opposed to “normal” which is 50-75psi) you can get pressure regulators for your showers and faucets, saving you thousands of gallons (and dollars!) per year.

Clean the Water Heater

Regular maintenance to your hot water heater can greatly increase the life span and efficacy. There are several simple tasks to clean and test your heater that you can add to your new year's resolution list. Test the TPR valve; drain, rinse and refill the tank; and check then replace your anode rod. These few tasks will take several hours but they’ll prevent costs down the road.

Unclog the Drains and Check the Disposal

It happens to the best of us – hair slips down the shower drain, faucets get clogged with gunk, and garbage disposals get one too many gnarly things tossed in – our day to day plumbing just gets junked up. Add to your list the resolution of these annoying little problems. You can unscrew shower drains and use a short bit of untwisted coat hanger to pull out hairballs. A toothbrush makes a great cleaner for sink drains and boiling water with a bit of vinegar poured down the disposal can breakdown organic matter and smell. Whatever you do, avoid chemical, caustic unclogging products. These will make it more dangerous for a professional to work on the clogs if you can’t work it out.

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Put these plumbing projects on your To-Do list this year!

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Are there inexpensive plumbing projects I can do to save money?

Yes, there are inexpensive plumbing projects you can do to save money. Hook a pressure gauge up to your outdoor spigot in order to test pressure. Test hot water heater’s TPR valve; drain, rinse, and refill the tank; and check and replace anode rod. Unscrew shower drains and use a short bit of untwisted coat hanger to pull out hair.

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