2015 $200 Rebate for Charlotte Tankless Water Heaters

Charlotte tankless water heater

Who Wants to Save $$$?

Thinking about replacing your water heater? Do it in 2015 and you can qualify for either a $150 or $200 rebate from Piedmont Natural Gas and use our $200 off coupon for a total savings of up to $400 for the installation of a natural gas tankless water heater.

Details of the 2015 North Carolina Rebate

Piedmont Natural Gas is offering rebates for those who replace an existing less energy-efficient water heater for either:

  • $150 rebate if you install a natural gas tankless water heater with an EF of .82 or higher
  • $200 rebate if you install a natural gas tankless water heater with an EF of .92 or higher

Click here to get all the details of the rebate from Energy.Gov.

Save Money – Now and Over the Long Run

Tankless water heaters are far more energy efficient than tank water heaters. They only use energy to heat water when hot water is needed (on-demand), and they do not have to run constantly, keeping a large tank of water all the time.

Because heating water is usually your second highest energy expense, tankless water heaters pay for themselves (even though they are more expensive to install upfront than traditional tank water heaters) over time. They are much more energy efficient and last up to twice as long as traditional tank water heaters, which only last 10-12 years on average.

Charlotte Tankless Water Heater Installation Experts

Check out our videos to see that we’ve got plenty of experience installing tankless water heaters in Charlotte. Our plumbers are licensed and insured, and our work is guaranteed.

Have questions, but aren’t sure you want to go for it yet?

Click here to use our online contact form or call us at 704-269-1066 for more information. We’re happy to talk through your situation and help you determine if you’re ready for a new water heater.

Serving the Charlotte Area

Need a Matthews tankless water heater installed? We’ve got you covered! Thinking about a Davidson tankless water heater? We travel up North, too. We service anyone within a 30-mile radius of Charlotte.

Charlotte tankless water heater, Rebate for Charlotte Tankless Water Heaters

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