Charlotte Water Heaters: How to Install an Instant Hot Water Heater

Instant hot water heater

Plumber in Charlotte NC Advises How to Install Instant Hot Water Heater Yourself

Want to install an instant hot water heater to supplement your whole house water heater at a specific sink? Follow these step by step instructions to install your own unit.

  1. Remove all items from under the sink so you will have room for the instant hot water heater.
  2. Turn off the water leading to the water heater.
  3. Shut off the power. If you have a gas hot water heater, switch the control to pilot setting.
  4. Check the sink for a hole for the water dispenser. No hole? You will then need to cut one in the sink.
  5. Drain the water out of the lines. To do this, turn on the sink faucet and an outside faucet.
  6. Decide where the dispenser will be installed, and mark that spot by making a dent in the sink with a hammer and drill bit. Just tap softly to create a dimple in that spot.
  7. Put on safety goggles.
  8. Drill a three-quarters inch hole where you made the dimple. You can use a slug buster or you can use a drill.
  9. Smooth the edges of the hole using an emery cloth.
  10. Hold the seal ring against the underbelly of the dispenser.
  11. Insert the dispenser into the sink.
  12. Place the mounting ring over the threaded rod (underside of the dispenser).
  13. Follow with the hex nut, which you will need to tighten.
  14. Unscrew the compression nut at the cold water stop (you will find this under the sink) and then remove the line.
  15. Add a double compression stop to the water line.
  16. Reattach the lines to the sink.
  17. Mark the spot where you want to put the tank, and then use a drill bit and screws to mount the bracket. Use the bracket to mount the tank.
  18. Connect the blue tubing with the quick-connect fitting on the tank. Use the clear vinyl tube to secure the fitting. Slip the larger tube over the last barbed fitting.
  19. Attach the filter mounting bracket, and then mount the filter.
  20. Use the 3/8" tubing from the outlet side of the filter to connect to the 3/8" Y fitting.
  21. Connect the clear vent line to the filter.
  22. Insert both copper lines from the dispenser into the Y fitting.
  23. Slip a compression nut over the 3/8" tubing and attach it to the double compression stop installed at the existing water line. Tighten.
  24. Turn on the water to the water heater.
  25. Turn on the water under the sink and examine carefully for signs of leaking.
  26. Turn on the cold water faucet at the new dispenser and flush the filter. Turn the cold water off and then turn on the hot water faucet.
  27. Plug in the instant hot water unit and check at sink to see if it is working.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How do I install an instant hot water heater on my own?

To install an instant hot water heater on your own, start by following these steps:

  • Remove items under sink
  • Turn off water leading to water heater
  • Shut off power
  • Check sink for a hole for water dispenser and cut one if it’s not already there
  • Drain water out of lines
  • Mark spot where dispenser will be installed

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