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ER Services is committed to educating the community about Charlotte plumbing basics such as how to find your cleanout valve.

If you call a plumber and say you have a clogged drain or toilet, the plumber will probably recommend that you open your cleanout valve. This is tough to do if you don’t know what a cleanout valve is or where your cleanout valve is!

What is a Cleanout Valve?

Your clean out valve is the place where your sewer line has a valve that can be opened to facilitate clearing of clogged pipes. It is usually made out of white plastic or steel and looks like a cap. It is usually about 3-4 inches in circumference.

Why Do I Need to Know Where My Cleanout Valve Is Located?

Most of your pipes are hidden from view. They are either located inside walls, in your crawl space, under the ground, or under the street. When you’ve got a clogged pipe, your clean out valve gives you access to part of the pipe system. You may be able to clear a clogged pipe by accessing the cleanout valve even if you couldn’t unclog the pipe using a snake or plunger.

How Do I Locate My Cleanout Valve?

You can locate your cleanout valve by following these simple steps:

  • First, find your man city sewer line. If you can’t find the manhole above the sewer line (in the street), call the city and ask for help.
  • Walk from the main city sewer line location in the street towards your home. The clean out valve is somewhere in front of your home, in between the sewer line and the front wall of your house.
  • If you still can’t find the clean out valve, go into your crawl space or basement and find a pipe from a bathroom in the home and follow it to the wall. Figure out approximately where this is on the front wall of your house. Now go back outside and check the ground in that area.
  • You may need to dig around in mulch, flowerbed dirt, or grass to find the clean out valve if it has been covered up by landscapers.

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