Charlotte Emergency Plumbing Tips for Kitchen Sink Stoppage

"Help! How do I unclog my kitchen sink? My kitchen sink won't drain!"

Are you experiencing a plumbing problem with your kitchen sink? Since your kitchen sink is probably the most used sink in your house, it can be a disaster if it becomes clogged and will not properly drain. The first thing you need to think about is discovering the cause of the sink stoppage in your kitchen sink. We will talk about several causes that might have stopped up your kitchen sink and discuss ways to unclog a kitchen sink.

Causes for Kitchen Sink Stoppage

You can think of the pipes under a kitchen sink like you think about an artery. Arteries get clogged and can cause problems just like a kitchen sink. Food usually lays on the bottom of the pipes causing build up. Fat and oil can go down the drain and typically floats on the top of water. It will harden as it cools and will solidify on the pipe. This can cause the pipe to become clogged and stopped up with fat and food particles. Another contributing factor is soap which can actually erode the wall of the pipe.

How to Prevent and Fix Kitchen Sink Stoppage

It is possible that the food and soap you put down your disposal is doing the most damage. It is important that you know what type of food can and cannot be put into your drain. Follow these tips to help maintain your kitchen sink plumbing so you don’t get a major stoppage.

  1. Hot water
    1. Use the drain stopper and fill the sink with hot water from the tap or boiling water
    2. Wear a glove and remove the stopper
    3. Hot water is very cheap and a safer method than chemicals
    4. Repeat this a few times if needed
  2. Use a hair trap
    1. If you wash your hair in your kitchen sink, it’s important to use a hair trap
    2. These are cheap and can save your pipes from clogging

If you already have a sink stoppage, it’s not too late to try to solve it on your own.

  1. Use a drain snake to clear it out
    1. Flush it with hot water when you are finished and it is clear
  2. Use an ecofriendly drain cleaner
    1. BioOne and Earthworm Family Safe Drain Cleaner are great brands
  3. Call a reputable plumber if you cannot get the problem solved

Charlotte Kitchen Sink Stoppage Experts

If you are not sure how to clear your drain, or you have tried these tips and still have a problem, you are in luck. Here at ER Services, we are experts in clearing stopped kitchen sinks. We have all of our own equipment, including cameras that can be inserted into the pipes to look for blockages.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How can I prevent a kitchen sink stoppage?

You can prevent a kitchen sink stoppage by using the drain stopper and filling the sink with hot water. Wear a glove and remove the stopper. Repeat this as needed. If you wash your hair in your kitchen sink, it’s important to use a hair trap. These are cheap and can keep your pipes from clogging.

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  1. Vivian Hardy on

    Thanks a lot for the help! My kitchen sink need to be unclogged very often, and is a awful moment when I am alone and there is no one around me to deal with the situation. I will try this cleaning way next time it happens, and really hope to help!

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