Charlotte Plumbing Basics: How to Use a Plumbing Snake

Learn How to Use a Plumbing Snake

Have you ever wanted to be able to maintain and fix areas of your house on your own? A desire to be able to correctly solve problems around your home is common. It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. But, how do you fix things like a plugged up drain? It’s not like you can see where it is clogged. What you need to know are some plumbing basics: using a snake.

What is a Plumbing Snake

First thing’s first. You need to know what a plumbing snake is and what to use it on. A plumbing snake is a device used in plumbing systems. It includes a coiled wire made of metal. This coil is attached to a crank. The crank rotates the coil around as it is pushed through the pipe to unclog the drain or pipe.

Most use a plumber’s snake on the main drain or the sewer main in the house. Those are typically the areas in a home that become clogged and troublesome. The end of the snake will break up the clog and allow it to pass through the pipes and clear out of the drain. There are hand powered versions and electric drum augers.

How to Use a Plumbing Snake

If you are interested in using a plumbing snake, it is important you know how to use it. You first need some gloves with a nonslip grip. It is smart to begin using the smallest snake that you can and then move onto a larger size if needed.

Insert the end of the plumbing snake into the drain, toilet or sewer cleanout. Turn the handle clockwise and push down on the snake. Help it find its way through the pipes. Put some water in the drain to help lubricate it and give some pressure to clear the clog.

Pull out the snake if it becomes hard to crank and clean off the end. Reinsert it once it is cleaned off. Repeat this until you have a clear drain. Do not attempt to use a drum auger (electric plumber snake) if you do not have experience. These can be dangerous and are very heavy and cumbersome.

Need a Charlotte Plumber to Help to Use a Plumbing Snake?

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How do I use a plumbing snake?

You use a plumbing snake by wearing gloves with non-slip grip and inserting the end of the plumbing snake into the drain, toilet, or sewer cleanout. Turn the handle clockwise and push down. Put some water in the drain for lubrication. Pull out the snake if it becomes hard to crank and clean it. Repeat until the drain is clear.

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