Charlotte Drinking Water: Is a Water Filtration System Worth the Investment?

Is Charlotte's water safe to drink?

Charlotte Drinking Water: Do You Need to Filter Your Water?

Water filtration systems may sound hoity-toity, especially when you’re thinking about the “clean” city water that’s coming out of your pipes. But did you know that the average home water supply in Charlotte tests positive for 26 contaminants? There are several reasons why you should get a water filtration system in your home as soon as possible, here are just a few:

  • Just because the city treats water that runs to your home, doesn’t mean that it’s clean when it gets there. Water has to travel a long way to get from point A to point B and in that time there are miles of pipes in various conditions. You can’t ever be sure about what it comes into contact with on the way to you.
  • Your water could be contaminated and cleaned before you ever know about it. These days, many don’t know what a “boil water advisory” is, but cities must notify people when water is possibly contaminated. Many people don’t get the word immediately and end up drinking potentially awful water without realizing.
  • Just because you have a filter on your refrigerator, doesn’t mean your water is totally clean. Filters on refrigerators clean for color and taste but they don’t get rid of any bacteria or dangerous chemicals.

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Is Charlotte's water safe to drink?

Is Charlotte drinking water safe?

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Are there benefits to a water filtration system?

Yes, there are several benefits. Since water travels miles through pipes in various conditions, a water filtration system will make sure you have pure water to drink. If your city water is contaminated, you don’t have to worry about drinking it before you find out it is bad with a filtration system.

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