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Charlotte Plumber Answers: How Do Hot Water Recirculation Systems Work?

Charlotte Water Heaters and More Wondering how hot water recirculation systems work? A hot water recirculation system provides hot water almost instantaneously to all fixtures in the house.  The system keeps hot water in the pipes, so the hot water is sitting at the fixtures.  The cool water is returned to the hot water heater

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Why You Should Never Flush Prescription Drugs Down the Sink or Toilet

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Have you ever wondered what to do with your prescription drugs when you are not taking them anymore? Many people think it is okay to dispose of them any way they choose, such as in the trash, down the drain or even flushing them down the toilet. Correct disposal of prescription drugs is a crucial

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Looking for an Environmentally Safe Drain Cleaning Product?

The Latest in Environmentally Safe Drain Cleaning Do you have a problem with a drain that is not draining properly in your home? You may think that it is a simple fix, but what you may not know is that some methods of clearing a drain can actually be harmful for the environment or even

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Benefits of Charlotte Water Filtration Systems

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Charlotte water filtration systems have many benefits that you may not even realize.  Whole house water filtration systems offer many health and cost benefits.  ER, Plumbing can assist you in selecting and installing a whole-house water filtration system, but here are a few reasons why they can be beneficial to you and your household. Cost

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Why Are We Giving Away a Free Tankless Water Heater?

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Update: This content has ended, but like our FACEBOOK PAGE and check back often for information about new contests. E.R. Services hosts contests several times a year. Have You Heard the News? We Are Giving Away a Free Tankless Water Heater! Charlotte Tankless Water Heater Sweepstakes (Brand: Rinnai 9.4, Cash Value: $1,500) Why Are We

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